About Me

I'm a married mother of 3 and reside in the experience all-seasons-in-a-week state of Ohio, lived here all my life!

I like to have fun and laugh and many tell me I can be too nice. Is there such a thing? I believe in treating others how you want to be treated.

My whole life has revolved around photography since I was a young adult. It started with a job in a photo lab in a Rite Aid store at 18. I then moved on to several major photo labs in the area. As you may know, labs were closing left and right with the digitals becoming popular. I bought my first DSLR in 2007 and I've not put my cameras down since! When I like something, I dive all in. So, I graduated in 2014 with an Associates of Applied Science in Digital Photography and received several certificates in Photoshop and Photography as well. This helped me more than I knew at the time, although I know how to apply advanced edits, I prefer my style to be more natural and provide images that help you remember your day, or family, just as it was.

Currently I enjoy taking pictures, reading, playing video games, vacationing, and hanging out with my family and pets. :)