About Me

I'm a married mother of 3 and reside in the experience all-seasons-in-a-week state of Ohio, lived here all my life!

I like to have fun and laugh and many tell me I can be too nice. Is there such a thing? I believe in treating others how you want to be treated.

My whole life has revolved around photography since I was a young adult. It started with a job in a photo lab in a Rite Aid store at 18. I then moved on to Cord Camera, then onto Sam's Club's photo lab, then Ritz Camera. As you may know, most photo labs just closed left and right. During my time working in photo labs, I was seeing such beautiful images come thru my machines that it really sparked my interest. I bought my first DSLR in 2007 and I've not put my cameras down since! When I like something, I dive all in. So, I graduated in 2014 with an Associates of Applied Science in Digital Photography and received several certificates in Photoshop and Photography as well. This helped me more than I knew at the time, although I know how to edit, I prefer my style to be more natural and provide images that help you remember your day, or family, just as it was.